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Costa Chido Founders Club Invitation

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Costa Chido - meet the Curtrights

Hola!  We are Ryan and Becky, the founders of Costa Chido.  Most of you know us, but if you don't, we'd love to tell you a little about ourselves and what we are creating.  In 2015, we quit our tech jobs in Seattle and packed up our house to follow a dream.  Two years and a few continents later, we found El Cuyo, Yucatan, Mexico, our new home.

It has everything we were searching for and more; ample beach, amazing kite conditions, a tropical paradise, community, culture, and kind-hearted locals.  Seriously, pinch us both please!

Today, we celebrate our creation of heart and soul, the dream now in physical form, Costa Chido.  Say hello to your future favorite quirk-tastic gue
sthouse and vacation spot.  It's been a wild ride (understatement), and there are still a few more waves to catch.

They say it takes a village, so we invite you to join us.  We are launching our Founders Club; the phase in which you can help us to cross the finish line while scoring yourself some sweet sweet perks as our thanks for your support.  Learn more...

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Costa Chido - the current state of things

Many of you have been following our journey, and many of you have come to experience it with us (thank you!).  You have heard our adventurous stories of purchasing land in a foreign country (2018), wading through permits and permissions, the struggles of sourcing materials for construction, and on top of it all, sprinkle in a quarantine, tropical storms, and local politics for added flavor.  Needless to say, this dream has come with its fair share of challenges... and giggles.

Title-in-hand, we officially moved into our apartment at Costa Chido in December of 2022.  

December 2022; move-in day!


Fast-forward to October 2023; we have accomplished a ton in 2023!


Costa Chido looks warm and inviting at nighttime as well.

El Cuyo Sunset w our property_edited_edited.jpg

We want our guests to experience our lifestyle when they stay at our guesthouse. "Mi casa es tu casa" is the experience


All rooms and suites are similar in the details, furniture, and ambiance to our personal apartment.  Once finished, Costa Chido will truly be a reflection of us, our dream, to share with you.

February 2022; The Suite ocean view rental


In the last year, we've added some cool stuff (not shown in the pictures); Starlink wifi, curtains, a TV, a hanging bedroom closet, and more.  We've also added tropical outdoor plants and a natural wood fence with passion fruit vines that climb.  Soon, it will create shade for the private garden area and provide fresh passion fruit for several months out of the year.  We are excited for that!

Costa Chido - projects underway

In the picture below, our two story suites are photographed from the beach-side road.  The two right-hand windows are our personal apartment, and the left side is "The Suite" ocean view rental.  The Suite has a private garden area that is perfect for BBQ'in, a downstairs sundeck, and an upstairs patio. 


Our road-side mural looks a little weathered, but it's temporary.  As part of our landscaping plan, we will replace it with an exposed rock façade to match the backside of our building.  Once completed, the face of Costa Chido will look amazing!


November will close with the completion of two ground-floor units; "The Crib" and "The Bunk."  Another milestone!


The upper-level units (3) are our ocean/lagoon view Jr Suites with sleeper lofts.  They still require the chukum (golden finish coat), tiling, finishings, plumbing and electrical installations, and furnishings. 


Once these Jr Suites are completed, Costa Chido will be able to accommodate up to 17 adults or 12 adults + 7 children in varying combos (think kite/yoga camp, friend/family reunion, etc.).  Although all of our rooms have a similar look and feel, we have designed them to be versatile. For example, we have a digital nomad room with an office, and The Bunk room speaks for itself.

No power?  Well, that's another chapter in #BuildingInMexico.  We have been limping along with 1kw for everything.  This is reliable power for a microwave or a wifi router, but not both at the same time.  LOL!  We are excited to be taking the first steps to operate sustainably with solar power.  The recently finished rooftop pergola has been prepared for an array of 14 solar panels, a portion of which will double as a sundeck mirador (aka the bird's nest) offering an unobstructed 360 view of El Cuyo, the Gulf of Mexico, and our lagoons. It's grid independence month, folks! 

Needless to say, it'll also be a better experience for our guests and will reduce our energy bill overall, a win-win-win.


We arrived, but are still nesting. The truth is, our house still doubles as the temporary "bodega" for stuff like uninstalled fans, sinks, lights, TVs, and A/Cs for our unfinished suites.  That is of no importance to our two cats who love the extra space and boxes.  We all enjoy chilling on the spacious rooftop, thankful for the gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico to the North and the lagoons of Rio Lagartos to the South.

UPDATE: Solar power is now installed.  It not only looks great but we are providing clean energy to our units and to the local power grid.


Costa Chido - how you can help

When it comes to Costa Chido, we have given our blood, sweat and tears, labors of love, savings, and at times... sanity.  The tease is that we are almost to the finish line, but we need your help.  You have received this invitation because we want you to be a part of Costa Chido's history!  We want you to take advantage of *sweet sweet perks* offered only to our Founders, of which, some never expire!  Founders will always feel like a VIP at Costa Chido, for life. 

Invitations are limited; this offer expires when the goal has been reached.

Can you help us finish Costa Chido?  Will you be a part of our dream team and join the family?

To put it simply, we are looking for financial support in the form of loan(s).  

This is where you come in...

Join our Founders Club at Costa Chido:  There are three tiers; Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  

Founders Club Silver:  
⦁    Loan Amount: 5k USD
⦁    3 free nights per year for the life of the loan (non-transferable)
⦁    7 nights per year, always, at 50% off the published rate (transferable)
⦁    Free rental
of recreational equipment for 2 people (starting in 2025, transferable)

+    1 free "Bird's View Dinner" per year for 2 people (starting in 2025, non-transferable)

Founders Club Gold:
⦁    Loan Amount: 10k USD
⦁    7 free nights per year for the life of the loan (non-transferable)
⦁    10 nights per year, always, at 50% off the published rate (transferable)
⦁    Free rental of recreational equipment for 2 people (starting in 2025, transferable)

+    1 free "Bird's View Dinner" per year for 2 people (starting in 2025, non-transferable)

+    1 "Catch, Clean, Cook" fishing experience per year for 1 person; 1-2 extra people at 50% off (non-transferable)

Founder Club Platinum:
⦁    Loan Amount: 20k USD
⦁    14 free nights per year for the life of the loan (non-transferable)
⦁    14 nights per year, always, at 50% off the published rate (transferable)

⦁    Free rental of recreational equipment for 2 people (starting in 2025, transferable)

+    1 free "Bird's View Dinner" per year for 2 people (starting in 2025, non-transferable)

+    1 "Catch, Clean, Cook" fishing experience per year for 1 person; 1-2 extra people at 50% off (non-transferable)

+    Free rental of kiteboarding gear for 1 person; 1 extra person at 50% off (starting in 2025, transferable)

+    1 extra room per year at 25% off the published rate for friends joining a member (starting in 2027, non-transferable)
+    2 hours of free child care per day for 1 potty-trained child; 1-2 extra children at 50% off (non-transferable)


You will get all of this, year after year!

Founders will be excluded from blackout dates; Christmas, New Years, and Easter (Semana Santa)

Loan payments will be managed quarterly using FIFO (first in, first out) starting April, 2025.  The oldest loan gets paid back first. 50% of a quarterly payment will go to the supporter first in the FIFO cue (the lead); the other 50% will be divided amongst the other supporters.  Once the lead is paid in full, the cue will shift forward until all loans have been paid.  If a supporter requires a faster repayment, we will negotiate the FIFO cue on their behalf.

We said we would find a perfect beach to call home, check.  We said we would build an amazing guesthouse, check.

We follow through on our dreams and commitments.  You can put your trust in us.

Costa Chido - how your loan will be used

Some of our most cherished travel memories include preparing meals with new friends, judging belly flop competitions poolside, and sharing stories around the firepit under a starry sky.  We have intentionally incorporated this experience into our design by dedicating half of our property to relaxing, entertaining, and having fun.  For us to landscape this concept, we need to acquire $40,616 USD.  This would include installing a pool of roughly 3.5m x 13m (11.5ft x 42ft), BBQ / kitchen area with palapa top, a firepit, and lots of tropical plants throughout the grounds.  

We believe these additions will be key in maintaining a high-volume of bookings throughout the varying tourist season
s, and allow us to be a top tier selection for El Cuyo


For us to fully finish and furnish the three Jr Suites w/ ocean view sleeper lofts we need $57,344 USD.

We also estimate we'll pay an additional $8,865 USD in goods and services tax, which adds to the overall cost.

Our projected first-year operating costs are $10,924 USD; we need help to finance this for a single year as well.

(e.g. permits, lawyer & accounting fees, website management/tools, cleaning/maintenance, utilities, etc.). 

This brings the grand total we are hoping to acquire to $117,749 USD.  

The sooner we can acquire these funds, the sooner we could increase our construction crew size and finish all projects in a much more timely manner.  This could position us to to take full advantage of windy/high-season 2024.

Costa Chido - how your loan will be paid back

El Cuyo tourism continues to grow steadily.  We understand that our market is about 90% occupancy during the high season and 50% during the off season.  High season being November-May and low season being June-October.  


We believe each year will bring increased tourism to our town, and Costa Chido's location, concept, and style gives us a prime advantage over our competition.

The market's baseline per night in El Cuyo is currently $100/night USD.  With consideration of six finished rooms, we stand to gross $600 USD per night (minus operational costs).  Adding a pool may get us closer to grossing $800 per night when fully booked, but we prefer to use $600 for the calculations.

Here are calculations for two cases. The first is the "best case" scenario using 80% occupancy during the high season and 40% during the offseason for calculations.  In the "worst case" scenario (case 2), high season is 60% and low is at 20% occupancy.  

High season is roughly 210 days, low season is 155 days.

Case #1:  (210 x 0.80 x $600 = $100,800  ) + (155 x 0.40 x $600 = $37,200) = $138,00 USD in gross yearly revenue.
Case #2: (210 x  0.60 x $600 = $75,600 ) + (155 x 0.20 x $600 = $18,600) = $94,200 USD in gross yearly revenue.

We project that by 2027, we will be operating at 90-95% occupancy during the high season and 40% occupancy in the off season.


Our plan is to start paying loans off in year 2025 (year 2).  We foresee quarterly payouts of 20% of gross revenue.
Our expected payout plan is as follows:

  • year 2, 3, & 4 annual payout of $18,840/year (20% gross revenue of case #2)

  • year 5 & 6  annual payout of $27,600/year (20% gross revenue of case #1)

As such, all loans should be paid off in 6.5 years.

We think this is a fairly conservative pay schedule, and we may be able to accelerate loan repayments, for instance, if our nightly gross revenue increased to $800/night.

Costa Chido - final thoughts

The reason we built Costa Chido was to provide a place where kick ass people can come together to have unforgettable experiences and create lifelong friendships.  Adulting is hard, you manage a lot, and vacations are never long enough!  

We understand this. 

We believe creating the Founders Club will allow us to grow our "framily" (friends/family) and provide us a yearly opportunity to share an exceptional location, packed full of unique experiences, with awesome people.  In fact, we made most of the perks transferable, so friends and family can pool together to join the Founders Club.

If you are allergic to tacos and travel to Mexico isn't in your foreseeable future, yet you still want to help out and make dreams happen, let's work together to find terms that work for you.

Come ride this final wave of our adventurous life project!  Let's chat more because this chance won't last forever! 

We are making headway towards our goal, when we reach our goal this once in a lifetime offer ends.

goal thermometer35.jpg

30% of goal reached

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 15.22.37
Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 15.20.46

Contact Ryan and Becky

Send us an email or let's chat!

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