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Chido News (aka, Awesome News) #1

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Who is Costa Chido?

Welcome and thanks for coming to check out our 1st blog post. To answer the question, my wife and I are Costa Chido. We are two Seattle natives who quit our jobs in the tech space in 2015 (six years after we became kiteboarders), and from there traveled around the globe and back, checking out the most famous kiteboarding beaches along the way. Our goal was to find an amazing, but still undiscovered kiteboarding location, where we could purchase land, build a kiteboarding school, a guest house, and basically live the good life. Two years into our travels we landed in El Cuyo and almost instantly knew we had found the place we wanted to call "home."

kiteboarding and kitesurfing  in India
That's me freestyle kiteboarding and kitesurfing in India.

El Cuyo had everything we had been looking for.

I still remember arriving in El Cuyo by car on January 11th 2017 after a 10 day drive from Seattle. We were greeted with nuking winds blowing through sunset. It was amazing and the start of what may have been one of the windiest winters I have experienced here with over 77 straight days of 9-10m kiting, a 5 day no wind period, and then 30+ more straight days of 9-10m wind. And then April and May turned out to be amazing too, more 12m days than not, but steady and reliable on a daily basis.

kiteboarding in el cuyo yucatan
Picture of our first sunset session in El Cuyo, Jan 11th 2017

Now, El Cuyo didn't just blow us away with wind that year. It also had amazing beauty everywhere we looked. Wildlife in abundance and a friendly, local people that took pride in the cleanliness of their beaches, their steadfastness to preserve the surrounding nature, and a welcoming community committed to keeping the puebla safe for everyone.

And as a huge bonus to me, fishing from shore and the fishing pier is good almost year round...what more could I ask for.

Yes, El Cuyo was a dream come true for us. Even more amazing, not many other foreigners were living here fulltime yet. In fact, even people in places like Cancun had never heard of El Cuyo back then. We felt like this was our chance. We started looking for land and luckily we found what we had been looking for.

El Cuyo truly was, and still is, a kiteboarding paradise found.

To Be Continued...

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