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"Exploring the Celestial Beauty: Stargazing in El Cuyo"

Imagine gazing at the night sky and not seeing the Milky Way stretch across its vastness. A staggering 83% of the world's population now lives under skies so polluted with artificial light, that this celestial wonder is completely hidden from their naked eyes. In El Cuyo, we are home to a Disney-like sky, full of stars with the Milky Way brilliantly glowing across our night sky. We can easily pick out planets from stars (stars twinkle, planets don't) and with a telescope get unobstructed views of our nearest neighboring celestial bodies.

Costa Chido guesthouse with starry night sky
El Cuyo's starry night sky and Costa Chido guest house

Due to the low levels of light pollution, El Cuyo has a beautiful starry sky year round. But that being said, on those rare occasions where we have a power outage at night, here at Costa Chido we grab our blankets and head to our rooftop for one of the most amazing chances to see our night sky with zero, yes 0, light pollution for many, many miles. It is a truly breathtaking view.

Costa Chido Guest House at night in El Cuyo
Costa Chido Guest House at night in El Cuyo

Is your neighborhood part of this statistic? Take a quick test tonight! Can you see the Milky Way? If not, you're experiencing the growing problem of light pollution. Its impacts go beyond starry nights:

  • Disrupts ecosystems & wildlife

  • Affects human health & sleep

  • Wastes energy & money

But there's hope! Certainly, you can always travel to El Cuyo to see the Milky Way and starry sky, but at home we can all be part of the solution:

  • Use dimmer switches & energy-efficient lights

  • Turn off lights when not in use

  • Support dark sky initiatives in your community

Let's reclaim the night sky, one star, one neighborhood at a time! ✨ Share this post to spread awareness and tag your friends: who wants to see the Milky Way again?

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