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  • noun   [ feminine ] / kosta /                 

  • Coast, Coastline, Shore                                         


  • adjective  [slang] / chee-doh /                  

  • Awesome, Cool, Fantastic

Welcome to El Cuyo!  This is the "awesome coast" of Yucatan, Mexico and home to Costa Chido.  If you are looking for the coolest place to stay during your vacation, then look no further.


 Costa Chido mixes comfort, culture, and coolness to create the perfect combination for an unforgettable stay, full of unforgettable adventures.  Whether you plan to kitesurf (or take lessons), swim, SUP, bike, kayak, fish, or bird watch, El Cuyo and Costa Chido are sure to provide an experience you won't soon forget.

Balcony view from Costa Chido suite
bedroom queen bed Costa Chido

Select A Room


Costa Chido has a room just right for you! 

Whether you are a newlywed couple enjoying your honeymoon, an adventurous family of 4, a pair of backpackers cruising Mexico looking for a cool room to share, a group of kitesurfers looking for accommodation with all the needs the sport requires, or a digital nomad requiring fast internet and a quiet place to work each morning  before setting off on your Yucatan adventure....we have individually designed all of the rooms at Costa Chido each with a slightly different form and function, but always comfortable and extremely unique.

Let us help you book the room that is perfect for your upcoming vacation.

Plan Your Adventures


If you looked up the word "adventure" in the Encyclopedia Britannica you may just find a picture of El Cuyo.  Here you will find ample opportunities to explore nature's beauty and all the exciting experiences she offers.  From kiteboarding to flamingo watching, from fishing to off-road ATV tours, from pink lagoons to kayaking through mangroves, from swimming in cenotes  to climbing Mayan ruins...the list goes on and on.  Costa Chido will help you plan your Yucatan adventures so you can make the most of your time here.

ATV in El Cuyo
bird watching flamingo el cuyo
Amigo Willy's restaurant El Cuyo
El Faro El Cuyo lighthouse

Explore El Cuyo


El Cuyo is packed with authentic Mexican charm, warm hearted locals sharing smiles on every corner, and lots of  hidden locations and experiences to be explored by the adventurous wanderers.  Rent a bike or take a stroll around the neighborhood, you never know what you will find in El Cuyo; here are some of our favorites.


Costa Chido is home to ComeKiteWithUs, one of the premier kiteboarding / kitesurfing schools in El Cuyo.

Established in El Cuyo in 2017, ComeKiteWithUs is open full-time and is ready to get you learning one of the greatest sports of all time.  If you are interested in learning to kite, our consistent wind plus our shallow, warm water conditions make El Cuyo not only a top kiting location in Mexico, but in the world.

Whether you are 16 or 60, there is no better time to get started kitesurfing than right now!

ComeKiteWithUs offers discounts to Costa Chido clients.  Kite and Board rentals are also available.

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