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The Catch, Clean, Cook Experience

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Robalo and veggies for ceviche, sashimi, and tuna dip
Robalo and veggies for ceviche, sashimi, and tuna dip

At Costa Chido we offer a "Catch, Clean, Cook Experience". Head out early with your host for a fishing excursion. (all equipment provided). Plan to learn the most effective fishing techniques for El Cuyo, as well as how to clean and cook your catch. Afterwards, enjoy your catch as a three course meal + drinks with your hosts. (max 2 people).

Check out the video below as Costa Chido clients, Sven and Charline from Switzerland, have an amazing day with their fishing guide and cook.

Today I received a message from Sven regarding his experience:

"Thanks for taking us fishing, 'Catch, Clean, Cook' was a great experience!

For anyone that wonders, we caught two small tunas in the mouth of the harbor and then went ‘hunting’ for fish at the beach. The guide sees everything in the water and has great tips for catching fish. After landing a nice-sized robalo, we prepared a delicious afternoon ceviche with our hosts at Costa Chido a few hours later. We both had good fun that day!

See you again next time we are in Mexico!!!"

- Sven (Switzerland)

Interested in booking your own Catch, Clean, Cook Experience?

email us at or click the Whatsapp icon at the bottom of this page.

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